Security Tips

Security Tips

Internet Purchasing Security Advice

Follow This Security Advice to Avoid Fraud and False Transactions

We want to help you protect your property and safety. Please pay attention to and follow our recommendations detailed below. These simple suggestions will help you for all types of purchases.

At Jankii Ads Classifieds we strive to maintain our clients (you) informed so that they don't fall victim to people with bad intentions or people who seek to deceive you. Remember that when you fill out contact forms for published announcements that you are communicating directly with the publisher of the announcement. Jankii Ads Classifieds is not responsible for any content published or communicated in any advertisement published on Jankii Ads Classifieds, further, we are not responsible for communications between buyers and sellers. Any and all interactions, publications, purchases, and communications that take place by users and clients of Jankii Ads Classifieds occurs according to our Terms of Use, our Privacy Policy and is the sole responsibility of our users and clients. Remember that by using our site, Jankii Ads Classifieds assumes no liability and is held harmless from all disputes arriving from the use Jankii Ads Classifieds,

Secure Purchases

  • Meet the seller in person.

    99% of fraud online results from sellers who refuse to meet you in person.

  • If the ad or announcement seems too good to be true, IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!

  • Be educated and seek information about the potential seller.

    Don t fall victim to sellers with limited information published, who refuse to provide telephone numbers and email addresses or who seem to try to use non traditional methods of contact.

  • Protect your personal information.

          Only provide your credit card number and other sensitive personal information to recognizable and reputable companies.

          We, Jankii Ads Classifieds, will never ask you for your credit card information and we do not store your credit card information.

  • Know who you are dealing with.

          Don't do business with with companies or persons who refuse to provide names, locations, and telephone numbers.

  • Take your time.

    Resist the urge to make immediate purchases for act without thinking things through. Carefully consider the offer and terms of purchase. Money paid to dishonest persons isn't easily returned.

  • Read the fine print.

    Always look for the hidden details and carefully review promises and claims before any purchase or signing any contract.

  • Never pay for something described as “free” or a”free gift”

    If something is a gift or labeled as free, you shouldn't have to pay to receive it. Free is free.

  • Do not pay in exchange for a job or work position.

    Some types of fraud try to work you out of your money by asking you to pay to be considered for a position at a prestigious firm with large salaries. No serious company would ask you to pay to be considered for a job.

  • Always arrange to meet your buyer or seller in person in a public location such as a supermarket parking lot, a 24 hour gas station, bank parking lots, or at the police station. These places have cameras and help deter dishonest transactions. Be aware.

E Commerce Security Tips

Money Transfers and Sending Cash

  • Never send money to anyone by wire transfer without receiving the product first.

    Be cautious of transactions that ask for a money transfer. Do not send money to people you do not know personally.

  • Do not send goods before the clearing of checks and money orders.

  • Do not make bank transfers or send money without guarantees or using a reputable service with buyer protection.

  • Do not submit to demands to receive cash only when there are other reasonable and safe methods available. The cash could be counterfeit, if you cant tell, ask a bank or an expert.

Checks and Money Orders

  • Be careful with checks and money orders.

    A common fraud (floating a check) is to attempt to pay for goods with a check or money order. In this scenario, The buyer pays with a check or money order and receives the goods before the check clears. The buyers check never clears and you lost your property. Do not accept checks of money orders, if you do, ensure that the money has cleared and is available to you before sending any goods or property. DO NOT fall victim to sob stories or tales of bad luck or circumstance to accept a check. Do not accept check as a method when a buyer says he will pay more that the price of the product for a fee to accept a check.
  • If you are going to accept a check ask that the buyer take the check directly to the bank for deposit.

    DO NOT send goods or merchandise before any check or money order has cleared. Call the bank and check for the check or money orders validity.


Following this advice will help ensure that you make safe purchases and sales and that you have a pleasant experience during your time on Jankii Ads Classifieds.


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